Register for Spring 2015 JMUTeach Classes!

Want to improve your public speaking and storytelling abilities?
Have you ever been to a Washington Capitals game and didn’t understand the rules? 
Do you love the muppets and want to learn how to manipulate a puppet?
Love Spanish food, but want to understand the culture more? 

Then we’ve got the PERFECT classes for you!!

Register NOW! for spring 2015 JMUTeach classes.

This spring’s course offerings include:
UNST 101E Section 1: Story-Time Alive!
UNST 101E Section 2: Snipes/Scrapes: Scope of Hockey
UNST 101E Section 3: The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy
UNST 101E Section 4: Spanish Regional Cultures

Each course is a one-credit course.


They’re all amazing and they fill up fast, so register today!!


More details:

Story-Time Alive!

Course Number: UNST 101E-0001

Story-Time Alive! is rooted in the sport Forensics, competitive public speaking, which includes a large variety of categories that encompass the practical approaches of public speaking with the creativity of theatrics. This course will focus on the category Storytelling and, without the use of props or assistance, students will create and deliver a live action version of a chosen picture book in front of their peers.


Snipes/Scrapes: Scope of Hockey

Course Number: UNST 101E-0002

Over the duration of this course, students will be emerged into the ever-growing world of hockey. While students will gain an understanding of the basic rules, competitive structures, and origins of hockey, they will also learn how to apply some of the basic physical tactics and techniques seen at the collegiate and professional levels.


Art of Puppetry in Education & Therapy

Course Number: UNST 101E-0003

This course will focus on the implementation of the art of puppetry as a tool in education, including special education, and therapies, such as speech/language, physical, and psychological. The course will consist of technique classes where the students will learn how to manipulate hand-arm rod puppets. The puppets that will be used are similar to those you see in “The Muppets” or “Sesame Street”. Students will have the opportunity to express themselves and their imagination, while gaining appreciation for the art of puppetry.


Spanish Regional Cultures 

Course Number: UNST 101E-0004

Spanish Regional Culture and Civilization will explore the dissimilarities diverse cultural aspects found in the different regions in Spain. between the different regions within Spain.  The course will focus specifically focusing on the distinctive foods, customs, histories, folklores, religions, and architecture, and dress of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain. Through case studies and discussion, students will understand how past events and unique regional customs shape present day events pertaining to separate regions and how these regions are interconnected to form a single country.


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JMUTeach Spring Classes!

DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW and take a JMUTeach class this spring! Enrollment begins on Monday, October 27th! Search for UNST 101E on MyMadison!

This spring’s course offerings include:
UNST 101E Section 1: Story-Time Alive!
UNST 101E Section 2: Snipes/Scrapes: Scope of Hockey
UNST 101E Section 3: The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy
UNST 101E Section 4: Spanish Regional Cultures

Each course is a one-credit course.

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Duke Talk: October 2014


Left: Anna Louthan, Kathleen Kalinsky, Alex Parker, Griffin Harrington.

Our first Duke Talks of the semester was a success! Two current JMUTeach facilitators, one past facilitator, and one JMU student all gave great talks on topics meaningful to them.

Alex Parker and Anna Louthan gave overviews of their JMUTeach classes and shared why they’re passionate about their topics they teach in class.

Griffin Harrington shared some tips on how to Instagram better so we can all be professional selfie takers.

And Kathleen Kalinsky shared why mental health in college is so important for each and every one of us.

Keep an eye out for our next great Duke Talk, with more students sharing their passions and teaching all of us a thing or two.

Have an idea for a Duke Talk? Let us know! Email

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Spring 2015 Registration!

Class registration begins this Monday, October 27th. Make sure you sign up to take one of the four amazing JMUTeach classes that will be offered in the Spring! The courses, times, and locations are listed below. To find the courses on MyMadison search “UNST and 101E” and they will be listed there. Each class is a one credit course.

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Duke Talks!


Love TED talks? Want to learn something? Then come out to our first JMU Duke Talks of the semester! THIS Wednesday in Taylor 309 starting at 6pm, there will be three 10-15 minute presentations. Hear past and present JMUTeach facilitators talk about their passions. Our presenters include:

Alex Parker Snipes/Scrapes: Scope of Hockey

Griffing Harrington: Instagram Better

Kathleen Kalinksy: Mental Health in College

See ya there!

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Extra, Extra! Read All About Us!

One of our very own, Jae Min Yoo, was featured in the Breeze article “Unmasking Batman“. The article highlighted Jae Min’s JMUTeach class taught this semester at JMU. Check out the article and read up on everything Jae Min, this class, and JMUTeach have to offer students here at JMU!

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Apply to JMUTeach Exec


JMUTeach is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Executive Board.

JMUTeach is not a student organization, but rather a department under University Studies. You would have the opportunity to directly impact the functionality of this nontraditional educational program.

Now hiring:

Executive Director: The ED serves as the head of JMUTeach. Working as the main liaison with faculty, this position ensures the day to day needs of JMUTeach are met. (Currently: Alicia Pettis,

Director of Program Advancement: As JMUTeach is getting closer to exiting the experimental phase, the DPA is looking into the structure and daily functions of similar programs at other universities. They work to create a plan for the prosperity of JMUTeach in the future. (Currently: Nick Maggio,

Director of Special Events: The DSE focuses on the programs JMUTeach puts on throughout the year. Aside from the in-class side of JMUTeach, we host Duke Talks, Lunch with 12 Strangers and the Final Fifteen throughout the year. This position serves as the point person, planning and implementing these events and any future ones. (Currently: Molly Jacob,

Director of Marketing: The DM runs all media efforts. They deal with maintaining the website, with running Facebook, Twitter, the email and corresponding with various people to ensure all media is up and running smoothly. (Currently: Taylor Vollman,

 Due March 28, 2014.

Any additional questions can be sent to

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